Emergency First Response First Aid at Work Instructor


The Emergency First Response (EFR) First Aid at Work (FAW) Instructor course provides EFR Instructors with additional training necessary to teach EFR FAW, and act as assessor for EFR FAW course. The course is aimed at people like you who would like to teach FAW in the workplace.
The goals of the course are to:

  1.  Assure that EFR FAW Instructor candidates understand the EFR FAW(GB) programme structure, requirements and procedures

  2. Familiarise EFR FAW Instructors candidates(GB) programme philosophy and regularity requirements and prepare them to teach EFR FAW courses that are instructor lead, low stress, performance based and leaner centred

  3. Familiarise EFR FAW Instructors candidates with Resuscitation Council (UK) BLS protocols and voluntary Aid Society Secondary Care protocols

  4. Provide EFR FAW Instructor candidates with practical suggestions for organising and marketing their EFR FAW (GB) Courses

  5. Encourage Instructor candidates to become active EFR FAW(GB) instructors and to use their skills to train those who require first aid for the workplace environment

  6. Ensure that each instructor candidate meets statutory FAW Instructor/Assessor requirements


  1. Be a Current EFR Instructor

  2. Hold an in date First Aid at Work Certificate

For further information about how this training course can benefit you and your staff, please give us a call on 07881-998641